Active & Adventure Specialist Training Program

ATTA has partnered with Travel Leaders Network to develop the Active & Adventure Specialist training program. The program is designed to grow new sales by broadening travel advisors’ knowledge of the market through a variety of study programs, including case studies, developing a marketing plan, understanding Active & Adventure travelers and suppliers and researching and experiencing Active & Adventure travel.

The Active & Adventure Specialist Program helps Travel Advisors develop the skills, business relationships and personal travel opportunities to better plan and provide customers with customized and unique experiences. Additionally, it will provide a foundation and platform for Travel Leaders Network Travel Advisors to market themselves and build their Active & Adventure clientele.

Active & Adventure Travel Specialist program participants will select from a wide spectrum of approved training programs to complete credits in each of these seven areas:

  • Understanding the Active & Adventure Travel Customer
  • Destination Knowledge
  • Active & Adventure Travel Experience
  • Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) Active & Adventure Research
  • Active & Adventure Travel Preferred Suppliers
  • Case Studies of Active & Adventure Travel Customers
  • Active & Adventure Travel Marketing Plan

As part of the program, participants will join and engage in ATTA membership.

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Brand Exposure

Important Note: In order to be eligible to submit a Travel Advisor profile on Adventure.Travel, you must first complete the Active & Adventure Specialist Training program.

Knowledge & Resources

Climate Action


ATTA Events & Meeting Opportunities

As part of the Active & Adventure Specialist training program, participants are required to participate in one Active & Adventure travel experience to complete the program.

The ATTA provides multiple qualifying experiences for Travel Leaders Network members to choose from. See the full event calendar including the following:

  • Annual Adventure Travel World Summit and multi-day Pre-Summit Adventure
  • ATTA Destination partner AdventureWeek
  • AdventureELEVATE or AdventureNEXT event with Multi-day Pre-Adventure

In addition to the qualifying events, the ATTA community actively connects throughout the year at local and regional AdventureConnect events and the member exclusive online community the HUB.

Already an ATTA Travel Advisor member?

Travel Agents/Advisors must be part of the Travel Leaders Network in order to enroll in the Active & Adventure Specialist program. Travel Leaders Network will waive the A&A Specialist program enrollment fees ($39) for current ATTA Travel Advisors who align with a Travel Leaders Network (agency) or a Travel Leaders office (Independent Contractor). Travel Leaders Network will also apply any relevant experiences ATTA Travel Advisors already had with ATTA or in the Adventure or Activity field toward accelerated graduation.


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