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For decades, the ATTA has connected subject matter experts for trainings, workshops, and educational sessions with learners around the world through in person events. Now AdventureEDU is accessible to everyone through online courses led by ATTA educators who are business leaders in the industry. In our adventure travel courses, you'll learn real-life proven techniques and methods to meet the practical needs of modern adventure travel companies and professionals. And as an ATTA member, you'll get a special 40% discount on all our online courses.

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Safety & Risk Management

The Safety & Risk Management course is designed to take adventure travel operators and managers through the complete process of setting up and running a safety management system in their operation. Delivered in a progressive and practical format, this program exposes participants to what they need to know about risk management and safety practices. Ready-to-use tools, examples and hands-on exercises ensure that participants begin to apply what they have learned.

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Business Management

The Business Management Course provides practical business management training specifically designed to address the unique needs of the adventure travel sector. The course provides instruction and hands-on tasks to help participants immediately apply concepts and tactics to their own businesses.

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Adventure Travel Guide Training

Being an Adventure Travel Guide is a fantastic job and a great challenge. Some people may be afraid of getting bored with their job. Well, this will not happen to you. As an Adventure Travel Guide, you will be an athlete, a diplomat, a teacher, a storyteller, a doctor, an environmentalist, an entertainer, all at the same time. Get ready because you will be tested with the video lessons, tutorials, exercises and readings to come.

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Growing your Business in the Digital Era

Maximize your adventure travel business in the digital age! Enroll to unlock the secrets of technology and artificial intelligence, tailored for adventure travel operators, SME owners, marketing heads, and operational leads striving to stay ahead of the competition.

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Sales Funnels & High-Converting Websites

Sales Funnels and High-Converting Websites Course are two self-paced ATTA OnlineEDU companion courses designed to show you how to successfully use storytelling to guide website visitors on the perfect customer journey through your website, and to engage with those leads in a well-crafted sales funnel. Using a step-by-step approach, the course outlines the critical pieces required to develop a new website, or how to redesign an existing one, so customers stop exiting your website and start inquiring and buying.

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Protecting Animals & Nature in Adventure Travel

Protecting animals and nature involved in tourism, and the animals and people indirectly affected by its operation, has become a topic of increasing importance. The unwanted media attention generated by unscrupulous animal interactions and public concern, has caused many tour operators to ditch animal-based activities, whilst others are confused about what they can sell, and what not to sell. Fundamentally, animals and nature are vital to adventure tourism and the destinations we love to visit. Through adopting the right policies and procedures your company can help bring greater value and protection to animals and nature, fulfil your CSR and SDG obligations, and achieve Net Zero.

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Video Storytelling to Inspire Adventure Travelers

Have you ever wanted to bring your travel brand to life through visual storytelling? Are you looking to engage existing and new travelers through digital video content? 

Join us in this course where you will gain the tools and knowledge to bring your vision to life and create adventure travel stories that will inspire. You will learn how to harness the power of visual storytelling to transform facts into something that will connect with your audience, leaving them inspired and wanting more.


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Developing Self-Guided Tours

This course details how to successfully add multi-day self-guided active tours (primarily walking, trekking or bicycling) to a tour provider’s portfolio. Using a step-by-step approach, it outlines the critical pieces required to develop and run self-guided tours; the educators provide practical advice in a timely manner to business owners and product developers. For regional tourism boards, tourism consortia, accommodation providers or other stakeholders wanting to capitalize on the trend of self-guided travel, it can be useful to understand what elements are critical to the successful development and promotion of this unique subset of travel.

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