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Association Partners

Global and local associations working together with ATTA to better serve the adventure travel community

Partnership Goals

The ATTA maintains beneficial relationships with other associations that are key players within the adventure travel industry. We believe that in partnership we will bring far greater value to our associations, our members, and the industry. Working together, our associations will:

  • Explore ways to build marketing, public relations, research, networking, and promotional synergies

  • Create a more effective exchange, integration and delivery of responsible/sustainable tourism projects, and community-based tourism initiatives, that preserve the long-term viability of the adventure travel community and the people and places visited

  • Work together to create more “voice” and influence when it comes to industry-wide issues

  • Broaden chances to secure new funding opportunities that support meaningful work, projects, and initiatives

  • Develop a far greater “brain trust” and hub of local expertise, knowledge, research, resources, and case studies that will enable the adventure travel community to strengthen its position with the broader travel and leisure market

As an Association Partner you will be able to grow your association by:

  • Gaining more exposure to the global adventure travel industry

  • Broadening your international adventure travel trade network

  • Expanding the resources and opportunities available to your association and your members

Benefits for your Association:

Association Partners have access to business member benefits such as:


Knowledge & Resources

Brand Exposure


Benefits for your Members:

in addition to special rates on membership in the ATTA, your members will gain access to these other valuable benefits just by being your member:

Online Education

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  • Access special partner member prices on educational courses and training designed to professionalize your business

Live and On-Demand

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  • Participate in free webinars with experts from the wider travel industry and the business world at large
  • Access previous recordings in an extensive webinar library

Free & Discounted Reports

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  • Stay on the top of trends, get inspired, and apply ATTA’s research to your strategic development
  • Access proprietary industry research reports, tracking customer demographics, consumer interests, industry trends and more
  • Download research reports for free
Neutral Together

Bulk Carbon Offsetting for Tour Operators

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  • Suppliers can calculate their carbon emissions volume and aggregate with others in the industry to receive pricing benefits on carbon offsetting through South Pole

Take advantage of these benefits and more. Sign up to become an ATTA member today.

Become a Partner

To become an association partner, contact the partner manager for your region