Adventure Media Membership FAQs

Why do you offer membership to media?

The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) values the expertise, perspective, and storytelling skills that professional travel journalists, editors, bloggers, influencers, photojournalists and broadcast journalists bring to our global community through our programs. Introduced in 2016 and developed with the input of the ATTA’s Adventure Media Advisory Group, Adventure Media Membership provides individual members of the media the opportunity to connect to an expansive network of adventure and sustainable travel community professionals worldwide through official membership.

Who qualifies for Adventure Media Membership?

Adventure Media Membership is offered to qualified media after successful participation in the role of an official media delegate at a recent Adventure Travel World Summit, AdventureELEVATE, AdventureNEXT or AdventureWeek event. (See the “Official Media at ATTA Events FAQs” HERE to learn more about the official media delegate program at events.)

Publishers, hobby bloggers, public relations and marketing agency representatives, or media service providers (video production, content development, advertising, travel apps) are not eligible for the official media delegate role, but are encouraged to attend ATTA events and consider the benefits of joining as an Industry Partner Member.

Is there another way to join?

We encourage media and travel industry professionals interested in being part of the global ATTA community to join for free through the Community Membership. The community membership level gives you access to articles, interviews, research analysis, and practical business guides in AdventureTravelNews; free educational webinars, job listings, and invitations to free AdventureConnect networking gatherings around the globe.

What are the benefits of being an Adventure Media Member?

Benefits are outlined on the main adventure media membership page.

Does membership expire?

After two years, active members will be given the option to renew their membership at no charge and submit updated profile information for qualification. If the member does not opt-in to renew (or is no longer qualified), the membership will expire. If a member is selected and successfully participates at an ATTA event as an official media delegate within the two-year cycle, they will be invited to opt-in to membership again, essentially restarting the renewal date at that time.

How are media members considered for events?

Active media members receive direct email notification of ATTA event media application opportunities via the quarterly media newsletter. Active media membership does not guarantee an application will be selected for an event.

How can I tell if my membership is active?

If your membership is current, you would be listed  HERE.

Have more questions about official media at ATTA events? See the “Official Media at ATTA Events FAQs” HERE.